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The need and momentum is growing for a credible international certification system to ensure that minerals in consumer electronics and other products are not fueling rape and violence in eastern Congo.

Ten years ago, a certification system addressing the trade in blood diamonds helped end wars in Sierra Leone and other West African countries. Similar systems have also led to significant progress in guaranteeing social and environmental standards through fair labor, forestry, and oil revenue transparency.

Now it’s Congo’s turn.

Call on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be a leader for certification now.

Letter to
U.S. State Department Secretary of State HIllary Clinton
The trade in Congo’s conflict minerals is one of the primary drivers of violence and instability in the region. Now is the time for the U.S. to be a leader in unifying efforts to create a legitimate mining sector that benefits the people of eastern Congo.

The momentum and responsibility derived from the passage of the conflict minerals provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform act last year requires further action and leadership from the Obama Administration.

Members of Congress, leaders of the private sector, and civil society groups are all taking action and agree that certification is a necessary next step to help stem the violence fueled by minerals in the DRC – and that the U.S. must play a leading role.

We call on you to convene a high-level meeting to bring together senior executives of end-user companies, industry groups, Congolese civil society, and regional political leaders to create a single, comprehensive international certification system. Your leadership is essential to driving consensus towards a transparent and credible process.


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