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Keep our children safe

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Hello my name is Crystal and I am a child care provider. I am currently working with a beautiful 11 month old baby girl. My main role as a nanny is providing mental stimulation. I do everything from singing, dancing, flash cards, arts and crafts and going to the library for story time. The library that I go to is Clinton Hill Library. They provide many activities such as babies and books, toddler time, teen time, arts and crafts, movies, after school homework help and comic design. It is a smaller library but it is comfortable. A lot of nannies and moms from the neighborhood come here for the activities they provide.
About a week ago I came in to do story time with the baby and you could only imagine my surprise when in the middle of the story I look up and see a man on one of the computers not playing a game, not on face book, not watching a TV show but watching pornography. Yes I said pornography. I was appalled. I could not believe it. So I went to the front desk and told the young woman and the young man what was going on. And to my surprise again they said there is nothing they can do. This is a "public" library and unless he is watching kiddie porn they cannot tell him to stop. Shocked is an understatement.
I also found out that an adult can get on any computer whether it is in the laptop area, general computer area or children's area and do whatever they like on the computer. About 2 weeks before this incident another man was on a computer in the children's area watching porn. Again there was nothing they could do because it is a "public" library. I went back to the library today and the same man was on a computer doing the same thing all over again, but instead of me sitting behind him or across from him there was a group of young teens doing homework behind him. What if one of them looked up and seen what he was watching? How is this library providing a safe environment for our young children?


Here is something off of their website:

3. Why is BPL using Internet filtering software on its public access computers?

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires libraries receiving federal support for online technology to implement filters that block material considered obscene, child pornography, or, in the case of persons under the age of 17, harmful to minors. In September 2003, the BPL Board of Trustees decided to comply with CIPA. The U.S. Supreme Court held that CIPA is constitutional: unlimited adult access to the Internet will be possible, since adults may request that the filtering technology be disabled, and they need not explain the reason for the request. Thus, adult library users can continue to benefit from federal e-rate discounts, without experiencing undue interference with public Internet access.
* since adults may request that the filtering technology be disabled, and they need not explain the reason for the request.

4. Does BPL have a policy to help protect children from pornography?

Filtering, although not perfect, will provide a safety screen to block children's access to pornography. At Brooklyn Public Library we do everything we can to create a safe and welcoming environment for children, and BPL staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that every child's Library experience is a positive one. To this end, Library users are expected to respect the Library's policy and act responsibly with regard to others' sensitivity to certain materials. The Library's policy forbids users to access materials that are legally defined as obscene, as child pornography, or, in the case of persons under 17, as harmful to minors.

Most of the children doing homework behind him were under 17 and nothing could be done.

What is the purpose of pornography?
Porn has the purpose to entertain its viewers in a sexual manner, often with people performing sexual intercourse. Pornography is often distinguished from erotica, which consists in the portrayal of sexuality with high-art aspirations, focusing also on feelings and emotions, while pornography involves the depiction of acts in a sensational manner, with the entire focus on the physical act, so as to arouse quick intense reactions.

If the purpose of porn is to become sexually aroused why are these men watching it while our children are running around playing, or reading? Why is it tolerated in a place that provides a number of services dedicated to children? I am not saying that these men are child pedophiles but it doesn’t sit right with me. How can I feel comfortable letting the baby run around and enjoying her time with other kids when men are sitting close by with erections?

I spoke to the main librarian and she told me that if enough people come together we can make a few changes. Such as having the children's area JUST FOR CHILDREN. And possibly having a designated area just for adults. If you are against pornography in a public place especially when children are around please sign and pass this around. Thank you for your time.

Crystal Brister

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