Right to Our Land in Clinton

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A neighbor's personal vendetta has turned into a town wide debacle. Residents' "rights to farm and garden (chicken keeping)" are now at risk in this old agricultural town. Many of the town's residents have been farming and raising chickens for well over 100 years. The town has received a petition from a handful of people that want to change 150 years of town history. Raising these beautiful and majestic birds is part of our heritage.

Not only are barns and structures (many of which were hand built by the town's citizens and their grandparents in the 19th-early 20th century) at risk for destruction, but citizens of the town will be "run out" by this radical and terrifying new ordinance. Children will have their beloved pets torn from them and our elderly residents (long time chicken keepers) will be banned from enjoying the chickens they have been raising on their homesteads for decades. This law is random, will severely impact our residents (forcing many to leave the town their ancestors helped build), and it is simply based on a few individuals malevolent grievances with certain neighbors. This is a very hurtful and spiteful action that needs to be stopped before a few peoples' anger destroys the joy and heritage of an entire New England town.

We strongly believe in the right to maintain and live on our properties (as we had for decades) without harassment from a handful of disgruntled people. Many citizens of Clinton have been farming and keeping chickens for over a century.

Chickens are NOT new to Clinton - they have been a constant presence in the town for over 100 years.


Help us preserve our rights and our heritage!