climate fraud

climate fraud

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Climate fraud: tell big oil to stop the lies   :) 



August 2009   :)


Something stinks in the oil industry ...

The culprit? The American Petroleum Institute's (API) secret plan to have oil company employees masquerade as concerned "energy citizens" at anti-climate legislation rallies in the United States this month. The plan was outlined in an internal API memo leaked to Greenpeace this week and shows that big oil is reverting back to old tactics: spreading misinformation and pressuring politicians towards inaction.

Shell, Halliburton, Chevron, Conoco, Exxon, General Electric, BHP Billiton, BP, Shell and Petrobas are amongst the major funders of API.

Write to the CEOs

of these companies and tell them climate fraud stinks. They need to stop funding API and come clean on climate.

Climate change denial - it's still happening!

Within the last few days this started popping up on Twitter and in the blogosphere: Greenpeace admits live on the BBC that it lied about arctic melting. This quickly turned into: Greenpeace lied about global warming data - and the twisting of words and exaggerations went on from there.

Well we only have one thing to admit and that is: BBC got it wrong about arctic sea ice melting.
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Five years + thousands of activists=victory!

Kimberly-Clark (responsible for popular brands like Kleenex, Scott, and Cottonelle) announced a new environmental fibre policy that places it among the industry leaders in sustainability. This is a tremendous victory that brings the Kleercut campaign to a successful conclusion and is the result of enormous public pressure from people like you.

Thank you for supporting the Kleercut campaign and helping us protect our ancient forests. It is essential for fighting climate change as the Canadian Boreal stores an estimated 186 billion tonnes of carbon, or more than 27 years worth of global greenhouse gas emissions.
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