Tell Yakima's City Council to repeal it's 30-year pit bull ban

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Dogs labeled as “Pit bulls” are animals that deserve to be judged as individuals - just like any other breed of dog. The city of Yakima, WA disagrees and continues to enforce its archaic 30-year pit bull ban, ripping families apart and throwing the lives of its pit bull owners throughout the city into turmoil. The current ban means the city has gone as far as forcing a local corrections office to live separately from her spouse, outside city limits, just to keep her beloved pit bull who serves as her emotional support animal AND threatening not to allow him into the city for life saving veterinary care - and this is not the first time. The city is also facing a law suit for impounding a woman's service dog and making her send him to a home outside city limits, simply because he looked like a pit bull.

The current City Council has the power to vote to repeal this ban, but as of now has repeatedly refused to do so - despite the fact that the local Humane Society has notified them that its current contract for services is being terminated and it will only be renegotiated if the ban is repealed. It's time to tell the City Council to join the forward thinking communities around the country that are repealing breed discriminatory bans left and right. It is time to stop ignoring peer reviewed scientific studies that prove pit bulls are no more inherently dangerous than any other breed. Help make a difference with your signature and ensure the City Council repeals this ban at its next meeting on August 21st. Thank you for your support and for making a difference in the lives of countless pit bulls and their families.


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