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Replace Palm Oil with a more environmentally friendly alternative

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Clif Bar & Company is the "leader in organic energy and nutrition foods and drinks" and indeed they make some excellent products, with most of their products being vegan! However, palm oil which is an ingredient used is not so vegan friendly.

Palm oil is the leading cause of deforestation in Southeast Asia displacing many species including the highly endangered orangutan. Often times, orangutan mothers are killed and their babies sold as pets on the black market. In fact, these populations have dwindled as much as 50% in the last several years. other species affected by palm oil are the Sumatran rhino, the pygmy elephant of Borneo, and the Sumatran tiger.

Another important ecosystem affected by palm oil production are peatlands. These are swampy areas that are mostly made of decomposed vegetation. They soak up water preventing floods in the area. They also store large amounts of carbon.

When these areas get destroyed, the carbon being held captive are released into the atmosphere thus raising the amount of C02 in the atmosphere.

Please help me urge Clif Bar & Company to abstain from using palm oil in their products making a stand together to preserve our earth and the great rain forests.

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