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Change product recipes to boycott the use of palm oil.

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Clif Bar & Company puts out some fantastic products that promote health for absolutely anyone - their protein bars are absolutely delicious, diverse, and beneficial to the body - especially after a great workout. Their CLIF bars and Luna bars are vegan, and they're products I myself consume quite often and promote on my vegan nutrition blog, Vegpocalypse Now (formerly Vegan Skinny Bitch).

They may be vegan, but they are not cruelty-free.

I respect and adore the CLIF company and their aspirations to sustain the planet, community, people, business, and brand - however, the use of palm oil in their products contradicts and harms the company's good intentions, as well as the natural rain forests that are destroyed to get palm oil.

The Girl Scout Foundation, working with the Rainforest Action Network (, are advocating for a boycott of palm oil and so am I. As a vegan, my objective is to abstain from contributing to the suffering and exploitation of sentient beings while trying to live as sustainably as is possible. Palm oil is the #1 cause of deforestation of the rainforests, and the reason orangutans are going extinct.

Something must be done. Please sign this petition to ask Clif Bar & Company to change their recipes to boycott palm oil.

To read more about the damaging effects of palm oil production on the earth and orangutans, please visit:

To write to Clif Bar & Company regarding this matter, use this form:

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