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This is so important because employees should not be at risk of losing their jobs for protecting themselves from physical harm. I must admit that the video showing the bus driver uppercutting the abusive passenger looked bad, but there are always two sides to a story. Although the video clearly shows the bus driver uppercutting the woman, the part of the video where she spit on him and physically assaulted him, hitting him several times, is not as clearly seen, but as I looked closely, I saw it. If you look closely to the video, you will see it, too. It is WRONG for the Cleveland bus driver to lose his job that he has faithfully held for 22 years because he was forced to defend himself against an abusive passenger. This woman, Shidea Lane, walked up to him as he was sitting in his driver's seat, spit on him, and then tried to choke him as stated by Artis Hughes and several witnesses in a police statement. What else was this bus driver supposed to do? He didn't know if she had a knife or a gun, and she clearly would not get off of the bus when he requested that she do so numerous times. Because she choked him and spit on him, there was no way for the bus driver to know what else she was going to do to him, so he was forced to defend himself. Not only did Shidea Lane put the bus driver's life in danger, but she put everyone else on the bus in danger as well because the bus was in motion when Ms. Lane physically assaulted the bus driver. This situation could have escalated much more than it did, and that is not the fault of this bus driver. Ask yourself, "What would you do if someone spit on you and choked you while you were driving a bus full of innocent passengers? Would you not be compelled to defend yourself against the possibility of more physical abuse, harm, and/or danger? This bus driver has been faithfully employed with the Cleveland Transit Authority for 22 years and has never hit anyone. It is only fair and reasonable that the Cleveland Transit Authority support their own workers and stand for what is right instead of letting the public persuade them. It is NOT fair for this bus driver to lose his job when he did not instigate the fight and he was choked and spit on and was put in a position to HAVE to defend himself. Instead of suspending and/or firing this bus driver, the Cleveland Transit Authority should be filing charges against Shidea Lane and fully supporting their own hardworking employee. Passengers that ride the bus should not be allowed to physically assault their workers and the Cleveland Transit should support their workers' right to defend themselves. If the Cleveland Transit Authority will not support their own workers, then who will? I know who will. We will! Thanks for signing the petition.

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