We need a park at Meadowbrook-Lee!

We need a park at Meadowbrook-Lee!

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Cedar Lee Park started this petition to Economic Development Director Tim Boland and

Dear Cleveland Heights City Officials:

We need a park at Meadowbrook-Lee.

We agree that our city needs economic growth and jobs and more people. Building a park at Meadowbrook-Lee, not the proposed developments, in the Cedar Lee district will bring the economic vitality and new residents that we all want for our city.

A Cleveland Heights resident was interested to see what a park would look like at Meadowbrook and Lee, and commissioned a landscape architect to make a concept design of a park at this site.  You can view his design which includes a video walk through at:  https://cedarleepark.weebly.com/

1. Why is a park better than the proposed developments?

  • People go out to see people.
  • Of the 58 cities in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Heights residents pay the 3rd highest property tax rate (1).  Shouldn’t we have more amenities for our money?.
  • Shouldn’t we protect our reputation as an arts community? (Have you seen Tremont and Cleveland’s west side amenities lately? They are successfully branding themselves as arts communities.)
  • Parks contribute to the local economy. You will hear people say that parks do not have economic benefit; this is not true. Parks work as economic catalysts that support private investment, both residential and commercial (2).
  • ​Parks within walking distance spur increased demand for homes, increase rent for apartments, and the demand for tenants in business districts.
  • An activity park, as the one proposed, will attract potential customers from the metropolitan Cleveland area, generating money spent at local businesses.
  • People want to live near green spaces--a selling point for homes and apartments in the area.

2. What's the rush? In November of 2019, we voted to change our form of government from a city manager structure to elected mayor structure. City Council should wait to decide on Meadowbrook-Lee until a mayor is elected in November 2021. (Council has not decided for a year on someone to fill the empty council seat left by Ms.Yasinow.) Why is Council pushing for development now and in such a rush?

3. City Council has given large incentives to develop Top of the Hill. Let's wait to see if that subsidized project is successful before giving our tax dollars to incentivize another development.

4. No assessment has been done to determine if, or what kind of apartments and retail space Cleveland Heights needs.

5. City Council should concentrate on the heavy lift of redeveloping Taylor Commons, Severance Center and the Noble Neighborhood.  That is more challenging than offering open space to developers.

6. A park can always be changed and developed. Once apartments are built, there is no going back. 

7. Removing the parking from behind the Cedar Mayfield Theater strip will discourage visitors to the area restaurants and to the Theater. 

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Questions? Email cedarleepark@yahoo.com or go to Facebook page, @Cedarleepark


1. https://treasurer.cuyahogacounty.us/pdf_treasurer/en-US/LevyImpacts.pdf

2. https://www.ecivis.com/blog/bid/205442/parks-as-catalysts-for-economic-development

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!