Stop Killing Healthy Animals in Cleveland County

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Justice for Thelma and Louise

Please help us make sure Thelma and Louise did not die in vain (and those who died before them).

A shelter should be a place for animals to be safe and cared for, not terrified and murdered. These girls were not only betrayed by their owners when they chose to dump them at a kill shelter, a kill shelter that repeatedly continues to tell the community they are no-kill, but by the shelter itself. CCAC knew that the girls had rescue interest but they killed them without any regard whatsoever for their lives. A kill shelter that labeled them “people aggressive,” even though a complete stranger came in, took them out to evaluate them, took pictures of them with absolutely no issues whatsoever, and returned them to their kennels.

This is a kill shelter that continues to mislabel dogs as “aggressive” when there are photos and videos showing they are not. A shelter that chooses to kill dogs once taken from abuse cases instead of giving them a chance to finally know true love and a true home. A shelter that refuses to work with local rescue but instead does free adoptions with only a valid identification required, which has resulted in the deaths of at least three dogs, and one that returned as a stray and was put down a week later by the shelter itself. A shelter which does nothing to control the animal population by adopting out unaltered animals, even when dogs are in heat, which has resulted in returned adoptions with puppies. A shelter whose manager and director both care little about anything but the numbers, not the safety and welfare of the animals. A shelter that has had repeated dog fights due to broken latches resulting in the deaths of dogs, and/or dogs having to be taken to vets for emergency treatment over the weekend.

It is time the citizens step up and hold the county accountable to hire people who are compassionate, who want to care for these animals as they should be, and who will put the animals first, not what is convenient for themselves.

While we hear it is a thankless job, it could truly be one of the most thankful jobs if the person hired truly cared about the animals.

Thelma and Louise died at this shelter only hours after a volunteer visited them and had plans to return for them, never dreaming they would be put down, since the shelter was not at capacity, the dogs showed no sign of any aggression, and the volunteer had no issues handling both of the dogs.

While their bodies lie in a dark hole in the landfill, their memories live on, in our hearts. Rest easy girls, we will stand for those in the future so they do not suffer the same fate.