Name Johnny Manziel the Starter for the Browns

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When people hear the words Cleveland Browns they think failure, dysfunction, and the list goes on and on. What people don't think of is what truly drives this franchise... Passionate, hardworking, die hard fans. Us fans are taking a stand, it's time to move forward. Unleash Jonathan Paul Manziel (aka Johnny Manziel) and start the guy! Jonathan is a changed man and it's time to unleash him. Sit and ask yourself is Josh McCown going to get you to the playoffs, lets be realistic, most likely not.  Start Jonathan and let him get the in game reps, experience, and learn from his mistakes. If we are going to lose games I would rather it be with a young developing QB not a journeyman QB.  He has the talent and can win as an NFL QB, now we just need to give him the confidence as an organization to go get it done.  Waiting until the season is a scratch or McCown to play bad (his career norm) and then throwing Jonathan into meaningless games and asking him to "show us what you got" is not what we want to see. We need to go to him now! We need to let him prepare for meaningful games, see what we have in him, and know what to do moving forward. One thing we can agree on, Josh McCown is not our future QB.  He has great hair for a 36 year old and it needs to stay that way because a helmet should not be strapped up on Josh's head for the remainder of the season. Every signature brings awareness to a serious issue. No more miserable Mondays.  Unleash the man. 

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