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Eliminate the ePortfolio

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I started this petition because I believe the ePortfolio is a complete waste of time and effort for all Clemson students. I understand the reason behind having an ePortfolio, with the capabilities to see the work completed by various students to meet set requirements. However, I find this "assignment" to be a complete waste of time and a burden on our students. Like most all of my classmates, I put work into my classes and receive grades, as I should. It is as simple as that. Why should we be required to create a portfolio that just reiterates the fact that we have completed a course? Why should we be submitting work to an online portfolio that does not give us any credit? We have to complete this to graduate? If I have achieved good grades and completed the courses necessary, I should be well on my way to graduating. The ePortfolio only creates another task for students to worry about, a task that accomplishes nothing. I wrote an essay for my English class, I got an A on it, that led to me receive an A in the course, and I successfully earned those credits. Nowhere in there do I see a gap that must be filled in with an ePortfolio. Many of us have friends at other prestigious universities. Not once have I heard of an ePortfolio assignment from any of them. I firmly believe that eliminating the ePortfolio at Clemson University will truly enable students to be more focused on their actual coursework and have a more positive mindset about school. After all, this campus is supposed to have the "happiest students."


Additionally, plenty of students have shared their opinions about this assignment to me. Many students have expressed their concerns regarding how they are supposed to meet an ePortfolio requirement for a class they have not and will not take (i.e. math requirement for Art majors). This is a very good point. If you are not required to complete math classes for your major, how are you supposed to share an artifact to the ePortfolio. However, I do realize that everyone must complete at least one math class in order to meet General Education requirements. But, as mentioned by my fellow classmates, what if you have already received credit for those courses through high school AP work? What if you have almost all of your General Education courses knocked out before you even get to Clemson? All of these concerns just add to the never-ending list of complaints about the ePortfolio. This assignment is poorly organized and is clearly leaving students uneasy. If this petition can't get this assignment eliminated, at least try and work with the students to fix the various flaws in the system. The ePortfolio has a never-ending list of flaws and working with the student body should be the first step in fixing these problems.


Whether or not eliminating the ePortfolio as a whole is the best course of action remains to be seen. There are obviously improvements that can be made. I would be more than happy to create a list of recommendations that my fellow petitioners could give me. I know that I, myself, could name a few possible enhancements to the assignment. If that method was to be accepted, I can assure you that the student body would be nothing short of grateful. Obviously we would want some of those recommendations to actually be put into action. Hopefully this petition can get the recognition that it deserves and allow this great university to work with the students on improving all aspects of the Clemson life.

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