Clemency for Eva Palma Atencio and Edward Atencio

Clemency for Eva Palma Atencio and Edward Atencio

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My name is Estrella Palma. I am the daughter of Eva Palma Atencio and Edward Atencio. My parents were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for a first time nonviolent drug crime. They have both been incarcerated for over 15 years for the same crime.

I am one of three kids. We were just toddlers when our parents were arrested. Me and my siblings have had to grow up not knowing what it was like to be raised by our parents who love us unconditionally. Having to get through life struggles, challenges, and triumphs without our loving parents to console and encourage us, has been incredibly difficult.

My parents understand that their actions harmed many people and for that they are overwhelmed with remorse. They regret the decisions they made and realize that their bad choices, hurt the community, cost them their lives and cost us our childhoods. However, their punishment does not measure up to their offense.

My parents both plead guilty to the same crime. They were sentenced to life in prison (without the possibility of parole) for being participants in a marijuana drug crime. Furthermore, after U.S. District Paul Cassell of Utah sentenced someone to a 55 year sentence for a similar crime as that of my parents, he decried the sentence as "unjust, cruel and even irrational" but said Congress had tied his hands. 

Our justice system is broken! There are many people who—like my parents—suffering the consequences. Nevertheless, all is not lost, there is hope!

President Donald J. Trump has offered to take a look at over three thousand cases of people who have been unjustly sentenced and consider their clemency petitions, will you please sign this petition, please give my parents an opportunity to live beyond prison walls, please help me and my siblings get our parents back. No one is beyond redemption and I know that my parents have transformed their lives! 

My parents have learned many different skills and trades that can help them be productive members of society (if they were to be released). They have also maintained an excellent disciplinary record during their incarceration. In addition, they have found their faith in God and enjoy mentoring/helping other people who are also incarcerated. Although they may never be released, they have continued to stay positive and have never given up their faith or their hope that we will all be reunited again.

I hope that you all will hear my plea with an open heart and consider signing this petition that will help me bring my parents home where they are needed and loved, because I fear that if they aren't granted clemency by President Trump, they will die in prison.  

With sincere appreciation,

Estrella Palma

26,879 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 35,000!