Clear Toxic waste of Bhopal

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There is 350 metric tonnes of toxic waste produced by Bhopal Gas Tragedy, still lying in bhopal

In the supreme court judgement in 1988. Supreme court gave an order for the remediation and disposal of this site to build a monument on Bhopal Gas Tragedy (the worlds biggest industrial disaster)

In 2004. Lt Sri Alok Pratap Singh( who was also the petitioner of the compensation case 1985 Zahreeli Gas Kand sangharsh Morcha vs union of india and Union carbide chemicals) filled the toxic waste disposal petition. 

In 2014 supreme court gave an order in a judgement to dispose this waste after testing and according to methods prescribed by Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR) and NEERI.

In 2016 1 tonne of toxic waste has been tested in ramky enviro an incenerator in pithampur according to the courts decision.

The waste is still lying there waiting for another tragedy to happen.If it is not disposed at the earliest. 

We need to ask the government and administration  NOW to Dispose it before there is another Tragedy. 

#cleanuptoxicwaste #nohiroshimanobhopal