Clean water is now at risk: Tell the EPA not to gut water protections

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Right now, the Trump Administration is aiming to roll back America’s water protections, all the way back to the pre-George H.W. Bush era. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is putting forward a plan to slash clean water regulations that protect streams and wetlands from pesticide runoff and other waterway pollution. It will put thousands of American streams and wetlands at risk of pollution.

These are the streams and wetlands that feed America’s drinking water. Tell the EPA that water protections need to stay where they are.

This roll back would bring U.S. water regulations back 30-years, harming the environmental legacy of George H.W. Bush, who first pushed to protect America’s waterways from pollution. It will also roll back an Obama-era policy that expanded on H.W. Bush’s waterway protections and the Clean Water Act. If made law, this policy would allow for more pesticide runoff from agribusiness, and give developers the ability to bulldoze over vital wetlands. Allowing industries to pollute and destroy waterways would be devastating for fish and wildlife, and put threatened species at risk.

Waterway pollution gets into our drinking water, harms riverbeds and wetlands, and diminishes the ability of vital mangrove and wetland networks to protect coastal areas from flooding and storms. Tell the EPA to keep water protections exactly where they are.

It doesn’t help that the people leading this effort are skeptical about the impacts of pollution on the health of Americans. Over the last two years, the EPA has spearheaded efforts to roll back clean air and clean water protections that will only benefit polluters. Demand the EPA stand up for Americans, not monied interests - stop plans to cut waterway protections.