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Petitioning Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Richard J. Berry

Clean Up Petroglyph

The Petroglyph National Monument is a major asset for the City of Albuquerque and New Mexico, but its rich trove of cultural and natural resources is threatened by inability of the City and the National Park Service (NPS) to cooperatively manage two-thirds of the Monument which is City-owned land.  As a result, there are no consistent management standards or patrols protecting the invaluable rock art for which the Monument was created.

The Monument is being poorly managed by the National Park Service (NPS) and the City of AlbuquerqueParts of the Monument are unsuitable for tourists to visit, either because they are trashed or unsafe. Some parts continue to be impacted by off-road vehicles, vandalism, and trash dumping.

Tell the city of Albuquerque that you want them to Clean Up Petroglyph!


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  • Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Richard J. Berry

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