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Clean up Nigeria

Oil is a huge problem in Nigeria. The oil industry destroys the environment. It devastates local economies. It makes it nearly impossible for people to care for themselves and their families. It encourages corruption among politicians, and devastates the lives of millions.

The people believed life would get better when oil was first discovered 1956; but life has not gotten better. Oil companies use out of date equipment, causing spills which destroy the environment, and therefore, many Nigerians livelihood, fishing. Companies also take their time about cleaning up these spills, causing even more damage. Instead of helping out the Nigerian communities that they have hurt, companies direct their funds toward corruption in the Nigerian government.

Fixing Nigeria will be a long process, but Oil Companies can help. Ask Shell CEO Peter Voser to update old equipment, to clean up current spills, and to direct more funds towards helping Nigerian communities.

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  • CEO, Royal Dutch Shell
    Peter Voser
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    Herbert Heitmann

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