Clean Up Karachi!

Clean Up Karachi!

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AQASI - The Organization started this petition to Chief Minister, Karachi (Cheif Secrpoery Sindh) and

Clean up Karachi (The City which is known as City of Lights)

When it comes to garbage, Karachi is the king of the trash heaps. Garbage situation of Karachi is getting from bad to worse, day by day. Open sewage drains and garbage dumps are giving rise to many harmful diseases. Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan but still there is no one to look after this city. Citizens of Karachi do not need to read about city’s sanitation situation in newspaper, they witness it in every street corner of the city.
There is no administration at all and because of this, citizens are really frustrated and they need some solution for this problem. Karachi needs serious attention and it is also a matter of great concern for higher authorities. Sindh government should look into the matter and take some proper steps to make Karachi clean and beautiful.

Is this the city we want? Today, there is nobody in Karachi who is unaffected by garbage. From the stink of uncleared waste dumps to the obnoxious fumes from burning plastic to the infectious possibilities of medical waste and the cesspools of wet garbage, we have seen it all.

Is there hope?

Today, there are solid examples of cities which have beaten this problem. With the collective action of just a fraction of its citizens, there are towns, cities which have said “Yes, we can!”

There are many campaigns done as great examples of how determination has led to effective waste management including "Clean Karachi Campaign", Bahria Town's campaign "Clean Karachi". But we need permanent solutions.

What does it take?

Strict administration & then, each and every concerned citizen's right action count. Be it the صفائی پسند , where citizens will doing a cleanup act themselves.

What can you do?

  • First, sign the petition now.
  • Then get all at home to do the same.
  • Finally, share the petition.

This petition along with your comments and suggestions is delivered to our Chief Minister and Mayor of Karachi requesting him to take required actions.

Let's save our Beautiful City - City of Lights .... Our Karachi.

Change is Possible! 

I am Sayam Asjad and We are AQASI (عکاسی), AQS (عکس) of this beautiful Homeland.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!