Clean surroundings and fresh air are our basic rights - Act now to #CleanKharadi

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Dear Sir, 

Kavita had to rush her 5 year old son to the emergency room due to an asthma attack at 3 am!

This is the 3rd time in last 2 months that Rohan had to be admitted in the hospital due to asthma. Kavita wondered why is this happening to her child?  After all she feeds nutritious food to her family, keeps her home clean and there is no family history.

Upon careful observation she found the culprit to be the air that her and her family is breathing day in and day out! Kavita lives in Kharadi, Pune and her morning walk is more like walking into a chamber filled with toxic gases. Kids going to school in the morning are exposed to hazardous environment making them inhale toxic fumes from burning garbage all around.  

These toxic fumes from burning solid waste in Kharadi can travel with the wind to nearby residential areas like Keshav Nagar, Amanora Township, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Vadgaonsheri etc and make your loved ones sick.

This is happening because people are throwing and burning garbage on the streets as they do not have any other way to dispose it. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) should collect it daily, instead the collection truck in Kharadi comes only once in 2-3 days .

For hotels and street food vendors there is no way to dispose the garbage because most vendors come in the evening and throw their garbage on streets every night after closing their shop.

I have started this petition to #CleanKharadi for the sake of thousands of  residents. I urge you to sign my petition and support my campaign to get the PMC to collect garbage daily.

PMC is such a forward thinking organization. They have done excellent work in solid waste management in other parts of Pune. The residents of Kharadi demand that similar waste management system must be implemented in Kharadi too. Some of our basic demands are-

  1. Garbage collection must be done daily in residential areas.
  2. There should a separate collection vehicle for hotels and street vendors every night at around 11 pm so the segregated garbage can be collected at source.
  3. Garbage dumping as well as burning must bear hefty fines and the rules must be implemented strictly.

Research shows that burning garbage can increase the risk of respiratory ailments such as asthma, cause rashes, nausea, or headaches, damages in the nervous system, kidney, and in the reproductive system. Impact is a lot more on young children and elderly people.

We citizens need to take immediate action or else we will continue to pay heavy price by compromising the health of our family like Kavita. Please sign my petition now to #CleanKharadi. The picture you see above is a very recent and real picture from Kharadi clicked by a resident.

I hope residents of Kharadi and PMC will work together to make Kharadi clean and green again!