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STOP the Use of Chloramines in Stockton CA Water

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In January 2016, the City of Stockton, California began the use of chloramine (chlorine and ammonia) in their water treatment for the north side of Stockton. The south side of Stockton will follow suit at another future date.  

Chloramines pose a risk to the people who use it - when it is consumed, inhaled as a vapor or in comes in contact with skin. Chloramine also degrades the infrastructure, appliances and is potentially life threatening to aquatic life. 

Other communities that have been exposed to chloramine in their water have documented skin rashes and irritation as well as intestinal and breathing problems. Chloramines are corrosive to pipes; leaching lead, copper and plastics into the water system.  Our community will spend an astronomical sum repairing home and business appliances whose rubber gaskets and systems will be destroyed by chloramine corrosivity. Only residents with the financial means can buy costly chloramine filtration systems for their homes, that range from $8,000-$10,000. Those who can not afford it will be exposed to the chemical on a daily basis without any other choice. Residents who rent are young, sick, pregnant and older residents that cannot afford a water filtration system will not have a choice, but to drink and bathe in this water. 

 Because of the above, we demand that the city of Stockton put a MORATORIUM (a halt) on the use of chloramine in the water system until the following are done:

  1. An in depth, independent study of the safety of chloramine as a water treatment for the current conditions and infrastructure of Stockton, California.  The study must prove there are no short or long term health effects of chloramine. It must also prove the use of anticorrosives and any other chemicals that will be used in combination with the chloramine treatment are also safe.The study must also show that no damage will be caused to Stockton homes and business' infrastructure nor home appliances. It must also prove that chloramine in our water supply will pose no threat to aquatic life.The study must also prove that chloramine is the SAFEST and best option for water treatment in Stockton and must compare it to other known alternatives such as GAC (carbon filtration) and others. The study must be disseminated and open for dialogue with a strategic roll out plan so that all Stockton residents are aware of the study results and can discuss them at multiple city town hall meetings and community-wide forums.  
  2. The citizens of Stockton in the affected areas must all be properly informed  and vote on the issue of using chloramine in their water supply. Most residents were not aware of the change in water treatment until our group, Stockton United for Healthy Water and the news media began informing the public. Proper notification was not done by the city. Currently, many residents are still unaware that the use of chloramine has begun.

We do not want our concerns to be ignored! We do not want to become the next Flint, Michigan where officials ignored the concerns of the people and the city became a state of emergency due to wreckless decision making.

Please sign our petition directing Stockton's City Manager, the Stockton City Council, and Stockton Municipal Utilities to HALT the use of chloramine in Stockton's water until an in depth, independent study is done on its safety and residents are able to decide through a democratic voting process.

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