Clean Air for Melbourne's Inner West!

Clean Air for Melbourne's Inner West!

3 March 2021
Petition to
Minister Melissa Horne (Minister for Ports and Freight, Member for Williamstown) and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group

The Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group presented their report, Air Pollution in Melbourne's Inner West to the Victorian State Government in August 2020. This report paints a damning picture of air pollution and health impacts in Melbourne’s Inner West, finding that poor planning, inadequate regulation and a lack of air pollution monitoring is exposing the community to serious health risks.

Residents in the Inner West have some of the worst health statistics in Victoria, with alarmingly high rates of diseases commonly attributed to toxic air pollution. This includes high hospitalisation rates for heart failure, stroke, asthma, ischemic heart disease and above average lung cancer incidence. They cannot be attributed to age, smoking rates, obesity rates or socio-economic status which are all close to or below average.

The area bears the brunt of being home to polluting industries including toxic landfills, chemical industries, an oil refinery, the Port of Melbourne, trucking and freight logistics, and Victoria's busiest freeway.

While cities around the world have cleaned up these industries, ours remain neglected with poor pollution standards, outmoded technologies and an over reliance on inadequate planning frameworks and existing use planning rights.

The Report spells out 26 recommendations with 52 clear actions to improve air quality for Melbourne’s inner west communities.

We, the undersigned, thank the State Government for commissioning this report and considering the recommendations. 

We urge Ministers Lily D’Ambrosio, Jacinta Allan, Melissa Horne and Ben Carroll to act as soon as possible and take effective action to protect our children and future generations from carrying the burden of Melbourne’s industrial pollution.  It’s time to to end this environmental injustice once and for all. 

We recognise, respect and celebrate the First Nations people of these sacred land and waterways, to all Elders, past, present and emerging and commit to promoting the continued rich culture and contribution of First Nations people across Australia.


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Signatures: 3,193Next goal: 5,000
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Decision makers

  • Minister Melissa HorneMinister for Ports and Freight, Member for Williamstown
  • Minister Lily D'AmbrosioMinister for Energy, Environment, and Climate Change
  • Minister Jacinta AllanMinister for Transport Infrastructure
  • Minister Ben CarrollMinister for Roads and Road Safety and Public Transport