Justice For Parker - Dog Shot and Killed By Off Duty Officer

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Parker, a 1 year old, 40 lb hound/boxer mix puppy was shot and killed on April 20th 2019 in a public park in Clay County Florida by Lt. Mark Cowan. He is an officer of the Clay County Sheriff Department and was off duty at the time of the incident. Mr. Cowan stated he saw Parker 300 feet away when he started running towards him and thought he was a pit bull. Parker was not barking, growling, lunging or showing any signs of aggressive behavior. Mr. Cowan states he was in fear for his safety and his dogs - so he drew his Glock 43, shot and killed Parker. All of these facts are stated in the police incident report. 

We believe this should have been handled very differently. Why was his first reaction to pull his weapon and kill the dog? Why does a trained police officer, or anyone else for matter, feel the need to kill a dog for running towards you from 300 feet away? Does a 40 lb puppy really make you fear for your life? There are so many other steps he could have taken first. This is unacceptable, especially from someone who should be trained to handle these types of situations better. We have a lot of unanswered questions and the Clay County Sheriff Department says this is a non-issue, case closed. Well, we don't agree.

We want Lt. Mark Cowan to take accountability for his actions. We want full transparency from the Clay County Sheriff Department in this matter. We want to see changes made in how the officers handle situations involving dogs. Killing a dog should never be your first reaction. We believe the officers need better training when it comes to handling dogs and they need to provide the appropriate training courses for their department. 

Parker was a sweet, friendly, playful puppy and was very loved. His mom now has to figure out how to move forward with her life without him in it. He was family, he was her baby. The daily reminders of him are heartbreaking and the thought of how he died is horrific. She deserves answers and Parker deserves justice. 

Parker was adopted from Fur Sisters - Furever Urs Rescue last July. We stand behind our adopters and offer our support when needed. I, Kelly Krehbiel, Founder and President, had the pleasure of watching Parker grow up. He was adopted by my neighbor so I personally know how much he was adored and what a sweet, loving pup he was. He didn't deserve this and we will make sure justice is served.

Please sign and share this petition. We want to see changes made so this doesn't happen again. #theparkerproject 

Respectfully -

Kelly Krehbiel , Founder & President of Fur Sisters -Furever Urs Rescue Inc