Clay County Judges in Minnesota, grant a NEW trial to Wrongly Convicted, Tracy A. Zornes.

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Minnesota BCI has gotten tips on the multiple persons who actually had motive and DID commit this horrendous crime, but, it does not act, on, these powerfully convincing tips on, who did it. Are they ignoring tips because they do not want the state to pay Tracy money for wrongly convicting an innocent man? Are they covering up for their own inadequacies? Or are they ignoring tips because, they, too, like Clay County Sheriff's department, are willing to allow an innocent man to be convicted (he was) due to, their own racial and cultural biases? Why would the jury never be made aware of other people proven present, at the crime scene -who had motive to do, this crime? This man is a "POSTER child" for multiple reasons why, a new trial should be granted. What a horrible lack of, proper defense. What a horrible lack of incriminating evidence, and yet, convicted, anyway ☹. Why was no proper investigation done, on the other 2 who were present, who had, significant motives??? Please, sign this petition so an innocent man does not serve 100 years in prison (presently in a Supermax), when 2 other people, who did the crime, roam free--to commit MORE crimes. Implore Clay County Judges, to provide a Retrial, and will you, please spread the word, that Tracy Zornes has this petition, and is innocent. (Thank you.).