The Lost Ways Book Review

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Name: The Lost Ways
Creator: Claude Davis
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What do you have in mind when you read the term The Lost Ways?

Mostly, this term is associated with the ways that have been already lost, the ways that have disappeared, the ways that people cannot find now, the ways that everybody has forgotten, and even the ways that nobody will remember.

What Is Meant By The Lost Ways

I think that The Lost Ways is the utterance that describes the long-forgotten something while it was very crucial in life.

It would be the ways how the ancestors got to deal with life. It would be the ways that do not exist in today's era.

It would be the ways of life a hundred and fifty years ago when there was no fashion, no electricity, no internet, no refrigerators, no computers or laptops, no TV, no cellphones, no law enforcement, no Walmart, no social media and even no online stores.

At that time, people just got things done without what we have now.

What I Think About The Lost Ways

So, what would you like to say about The Lost Ways? Do you assume the same as me?

By chance and purpose, I would like to open up the long-forgotten ways which were also the secrets that help our ancestors got everything done to survive famines, wars, disease, economic crises, droughts, and any other problematic life as well as how they could go through all types of difficulties that you may need to know how to overcome your problematic life.

In short, The Lost Ways comes to open up the secrets teaching you very important lessons for your life improvements.

To get started, let me introduce you to Claude Davis.

Who is Claude Davis

Claude Davis is a book designer. He designed and edited the e-book by presenting the history of his grandfather who came to America from Ukraine just before World War 2 and started a small farm in Texas.

This book designer presents the real recollection since history was written as a personal journal by the grandfather's neighbors.

This way, Claude Davis wants to tell you how his grandfather and his neighbors survived among the people lying everywhere as dead flies and how they tried to keep alive by collecting anything that could be eaten so that they would have never eaten their children.

It is also described well in the journal that one of the grandfather's neighbors who was suffering from severe starvation ate his baby daughter. Oh, God …

It was all because the grains were taken all abroad from the village and even the smallest things in the vegetable gardens were taken away.

Davis' grandfather and grandmother went to town, walked along the street for 25 miles away to get something to eat.

But the grandmother couldn't afford to walk anymore, saying to her husband to save his life and she would have gone back to meet her mother.

Reading this story, honestly, makes me cry. Knowing the facts just make me burst into tears.

If today's you have a computer and mobile device to read this article, your refrigerator is maybe half full and you have also some problems in your life, starvation is not one of them.

And though you can enjoy your job or retirement, you have still some money to get by.

The biggest assumption you may have now is that the story of Claude Davis' grandfather will never happen in America or to you, right? Honestly, I am not sure.

Remember, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. What does this statement mean?

The grandfather had presented the history of how to survive before a creative mind found an ingenious solution to a century-old problem.

Realize it or not, the American blood has covered all the ancestors' skills. These skills must not be forgotten.

They must be protected. It is aimed so that people nowadays can learn how to go with such a situation and maintain survival.

If you just forget them, then you will have nothing to learn when something bad happens in the future.

Some countries have experienced a terrible crisis and even the world has also experienced a global crisis.

That's why The Lost Ways are designed to remind you of the past and inspire you how to survive when any horrific time just comes unavoidably.

What does this e-book offer you to learn? Don't wait a minute! Read the following review sections of the book content so that you are sure to purchase it soon.

Discovering The Lost Remedies

Imagine how life would be without doctors, nurses, medical representatives, or even medicines.

I personally speechless how to get deal with the aches I may experience while there are no hospitals or drugstores open. This is how The Lost Ways come into play.

In this e-book, you will find the lost remedies that were usually used by our ancestors for centuries.

This way, we are not leading you to talk about the rare and complicated insights that only botanist knows it.

We are just talking about the plants that you can grow up in your backyard or your outdoor areas around the house.

You will find that the plant is just the common weed that you have never realized it before.

What weeds?

First is the white lettuce. I am sure you have ever seen this plant though you don't know that it is one of the great remedies. White lettuce is also known as opium lettuce.

Having side effects like morphine but milder, white lettuce can be made for the strongest painkiller you can grow easily in your backyard.

The Lost Ways clearly describe that white lettuce contains the milky substance without opiates, acting directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to reduce the pain feeling.

Today, more people begin to use this kind of a remedy to replace the addictive pain medicine.

Unscheduled by FDA, wild lettuce is legal to forage, grow and own without any license or prescription. Thus, more native Americans use it for pain healing.

In the e-book, you are also presented by the more common invaluable weeds along with the pictures, how to recognize the weeds, how to prepare and use them.

Fighting Against The Bandits and Robbers

The Lost Ways are also written to show you the techniques and methods used by the ancestors to fight against the bandits and robbers.

In their times, the ancestors' village were outnumbered and outgunned by the gangs of bandits and robbers.

You can learn their wisdom to defend the possession of a home against the looters surrounding you.

Building Underground House As A Storm Shelter

Through the story told by the Native American Erik Bainbridge, you will be taught how to construct the subterranean roundhouse or underground house as a storm shelter.

This type of roundhouse can accommodate three to four families.

You will need to apply this method and techniques in a difficult situation without even being an architect.

As the world starts showing several natural disasters that surely break your home and belongings.

Thus, you need to learn the way of building the roundhouse to provide your families with the shelter.

Preserving Waters in The Ships for Years

The Lost Ways also shared Shannon Azores, the sailor of the XVII century, who preserved water in the ship for several months and even for years.

The story inspires you how to provide your families with the cost-free water.

In this case, even a sailor can experience the worst condition so that he must try to survive to live in the ship on the ocean where there seems nobody comes to help.

Hunting Deer

Another inspiring story written in this e-book is about the experience of hunting deer.

Mike Searson was the firearm and Old West history expert, showing you what to do when there is no ammo to have.

He also narrated how people walked to the West to manage and hunt the eight deer only with six bullets and never let ammo supply ran out. If you remember the panic buying in the first half of 2013, you will have known that it was how the world is going to collapse.

Producing Medicines

In addition to the discovery of the lost remedies, Susan Morrow, an ex-science teacher, and a chemist teach you "The Art of Poultice".

In this regard, Susan said that you could explore the ingredients that our ancestors made poultices and find that those ingredients are similar to modern medicines.

That is a lost skill that you have to learn now. Why should you? Please figure out if there are no antibiotics anymore.

People will look for a person who can produce similar medicine to save their children's life.

Making Pemmican, The Super Food

Another lost way that the e-book unearths is the tutorial on how to make Pemmican.

Once you witness the tutorial, you will directly love it  even George Washington ate this kind of food on some occasions.

How is the superfood?

It is a kind of food that will never go bad. It is not about honey of vinegar but the real food that you can just make only in ten minutes.

It is because the ingredients are already there in your house. Well, I am pretty sure you can easily make it either for yourself or for your family.

In addition to making a superfood, The Lost Ways come with the chapters along with the simple things like making tasty bark-bread-like that people used to make when there is no more food available.

You can even learn how to build a traditional backyard smokehouse. Well, there are still many other ideas shared in the e-book that I cannot mention them all.

In short, when you need a doctor, a policeman, a lawyer, and a preacher, that means that you need all about farmers.

Plant, grow, and own anything so that you can produce anything. Thus, you can have a cost-free thing to let your life goes on.


Now, what do you have in mind now about the e-book that contains the lessons of surviving?

If you think this e-book is good enough to invest knowledge, do it. You need only one day to have it processed and even less.

In other words, once you decide to save this e-book on your bookshelf, you will amazingly get the three exclusive bonuses that are worth $29 each including the free and unlimited access to the member's area.

Moreover, there must be clarification on anything.

The three bonuses are entitled "What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard", "How To Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way" and "A Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System.

The first book tells the most nutritious and toughest plants you can start growing so that you can never run out of food supply completed with the instructions needed for growing the plants.

The second book shares the daily guidance related to what to do after an EMP every day. You will be taught the 10 things that you should accomplish in day one, the things you should make on day two, and the things you should get done on day three and so on until you have a 100% self-sufficiency and protection.

The third bonus book offers you a simple mechanism. The best two words for this bonus book are cool and efficient. Along with $95, you will have pretty guidance in a pretty cheap way.

Final Words

Now if you want to save The Lost Ways, save it as soon as possible. Reading this e-book will let you enriched by the ways our ancestors covered for anything. Ignore the unreliable and expensive modern survival equipment now and make sure you are just working right for centuries.

This e-book prepares you to deal with the worst-case scenarios with a small number of resources like the ancestors do in their life. So grab this e-book fast now.