Tuition fees reduction for International Students, due to Covid-19 financial impacts

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These are unprecedented times. It is time to adapt to the most adverse circumstances, but it is also time to recognize that International Students need help too.

Social distancing affects not only the ability to interact with others, but takes away the multi-cultural experience we chose to have when we came to Canada.  

Although International Students must demonstrate a proof of funds to obtain their visa, the impact that this crisis has been applying on both students and their families supporting them from their home Countries makes the situation a lot more delicate and in need of special considerations. As a matter of fact, currencies of various countries have been devaluating in alarming speed as we speak.

Even though the Government is helping the community by providing information and financial aid, International Students do not have access to any kind of comprehensive system so far. And though we highly appreciate all the effort AC has put to provide us with classes uninterruptedly, we need to ask for more.

Specially now that the classes are happening in an online basis and all facilities are closed, which means a lower cost for the institution to operate (also the motive for online programs to be significantly less expensive in AC), this is the ideal time for the College to support its International Students by waiving / reducing part of the tuition for the terms yet to begin, 2020S and 2020F. Maybe it can be part of the International Student Premium, something that will not impact the services provided, but that would incommensurable ease the financial impacts International Students have been suffering during the worldwide Covid-19 crisis.

Sign this petition and let Algonquin College know that we all stand together, with high hopes for this term’s tuition fair reduction.