Switch back to OFFLINE CLAT & AILET

Switch back to OFFLINE CLAT & AILET

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Aniket Bhardwaj started this petition to CLAT and

I am a CLAT Faculty in Jaipur. Just wanted you to imagine a scenario (which I personally experienced). And not only me; but every CLAT Coaching Teacher/ Student must have experienced this.

Most of the CLAT 2020 Aspirants were preparing from 2 years. Some of them were droppers as well (3 years). Why did they take drop? Because many missed by a few marks and believed that they could crack this paper and get admission in one of the top NLUs of the country. So, they started early in June 2019. They completed their syllabi by November and then all of a sudden, a very impromptu decision was made. CLAT Pattern was changed. Students were kept in a dilemma for 30-45 days. Nothing was made clear till Sample Paper 1 was released.

Put yourself in a student's place and think.

Any change should have been implemented from the next year logically. The new pattern was a disaster for non english background students. Their dream to get into NLU was almost shattered. I was in contact with 20-30 such students. I motivated them. Things were returning on track, slowly. They developed a habit of reading English in a month. I witnessed their struggle.

But then, COVID19 happened. Worse shock than the Pattern change. Some students took it in a positive manner. Some were broken. But somehow, they managed to get back on to track again. Things were going smooth again. Everyone was preparing with a motivation to get into NLU; though, uncertain of the date of the examination. 

But two days ago, CLAT Consortium + NLU Delhi dropped another bomb by announcing Online Test  & RPT respectively

My students appeared in 2 Proctored @ Home national level entrances with a lesser number of candidates, NPAT & CHRIST. Both were "NOT AT ALL SMOOTH"  to be honest. My students faced difficulty with login and all.

  1. Christ Entrance had to be conducted twice, that too after declaration of result. Don't know what it was. But it was very absurd.
  2. NPAT mock was conducted ~4-5 times and it wasn't successful even a single time. And the actual exam which was on last Friday and Sunday was a total failure. My students couldn't open some sections. Like one couldn't attempt Maths Section (40 marks) because it didn't open. I saw a video of a YouTube guy saying it was smooth. But it wasn't. I have proofs. Even NPAT organisers must be knowing this.

Now, coming to AILET RPT.

  • Number of candidates is much more than NPAT.
  • At home, Cheating is possible. NTA can ensure many things but yes, it's possible. When people manage to cheat at the centre with human invigilators, what to say about a test at home with computer proctor.
  • Even if one candidate manages to cheat, it's an unfair exam. 

And leave this cheating point:

  1. STUDENTS HAVE PRACTICED OFFLINE FOR THE LAST 1 YEAR. CLAT pattern demands intensive reading (20000+ words) with concentration. It's easy on paper with underlining and rough work but it's impossible on a screen. I take CAT every year. I know how I attempt verbal section with 5-6 RCs. And these aspirants are kids. 
  2. Some Candidates have developed eye problems focusing on screen this lockdown. Some have inherent head ache problem focusing on screen for a continous span of time. And those who have practised only offline will definitely suffer.
  3. Many students are not economically capable of purchasing a new laptop just for 1 month practice before the exams. 

Hence, Online Paper will be an injustice with many students. Many doesn't mean 100s or 200s. I am pretty sure thousands of students will face problem. Only a few (gamers, binge webseries addicts etc) will be comfortable focusing on screen for 2 hours. Becase everyone has practised OFFLINE for almost an year now.

You have to postpone the exam. Even IIT & NEET are facing problems. You can't switch to Online like this. This is not a joke. It's their career. They can wait! Otherwise, CLAT 2020 will be remembered forever for the Injustice with students because of:

1) Unplanned Sudden Pattern Change

2) Unavoidable Pandemic

3) Sudden Shifting to Online Pattern after preparing whole line for Off-line. 

I understand your problem Consortium, but you can simply postpone. Many things are being postponed.  Students can manage. Online Paper with 20000+ words is injustice. END!

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At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!