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Classic Nickelodeon Channel


This petition is important because it will make the Classic Nick Channel happen for all the people who want to see all their old favorites again 24 hours a day (Non-stop). We as the fans deserve this channel. Many of us miss the shows that we grew up watching and STILL remember. They are a memorable part of our childhood. Also people love the block The '90s Are All That on TeenNick. These are the shows that actually made sense, instead of all these senseless shows that kids today watch. The '90s cartoons and shows have more reason to the morals they teach and not to mention that there are at least 1,000 channels on TV these days and there's nothing to watch! The older cartoons and shows from our childhood (not just the '90s cartoons) had more substance than most cartoons and shows today have. Also the younger generation of kids deserve good quality television (just like we had). We all deserve quality television again. This is not just a petition it is a movement, revolution and a campaign to finally get what we want.

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