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Change the Clarkstown high school start time to 9:00 am!

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High schools in Clarkstown simply start far too early. Clarkstown high schools start at 7:25 am, which adversely impacts the health and alertness of all students in our community, especially high schoolers, who on average fall asleep no earlier than 11:00 pm because the shift in their internal body clocks changes from adolescence, leaving me and thousands of my peers with less than 7.5 hours of sleep per night. The consequences of chronic sleep deprivation are serious, sometimes even lethal, these include: increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and other chronic diseases; cognitive ailments such as lack of focus and alertness, clumsiness, increased emotional problems, and more. Do you want your children to develop these ailments that decrease their quality of life and possibly curtail their lifespans? If your answer is no, then sign this petition to change the start times to the following: 7:30 am for all elementary schools, 8:15 am for Felix Festa middle school, and 9:00 am for both high schools. I understand this might possibly cost Clarkstown parents and schools time and money, but does this outweigh the myriad of benefits of later school start times? These benefits include fewer car crashes, higher test scores, and a decline in tardiness, substance abuse and symptoms of depression, according to a University of Minnesota study conducted on 9,000 high schoolers in Minnesota, Colorado, and Wyoming. To implement these changes, high schools must end at 3:30pm. Sports and extracurriculars must adjust their schedules and work with the board to schedule practice times that optimize performance and fit student schedules. Parents who must work early will have to arrange separate transportation or allow students to take the bus. Despite the obstacles, this change will increase student grades and cut accidents, absenteeism and tardiness, alleviating stress on students, teachers, schools and parents alike. If we don't take the plunge, we curtail opportunities to reduce sports injuries, increase grades, decrease sickness and accidents due to drowsiness and a happy, healthy school populace. If you don't mind slight inconviences with work and would rather see healthy, happy kids come home from school than grouchy souls enter school at 7 am, sign this petition below, you will not regret it. Even if you don't agree, sign for your loved ones and the Clarkstown community. If 9 am doesn't work, we can still work for 8 or 8:30, since it's still a step forward from 7:20. If you support those times, then sign. Thanks- Bradley Post :)






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