Remove Elementary School Principal + AP Who Likened LGBTQ+ Rainbow Art to Nazi Symbolism

Remove Elementary School Principal + AP Who Likened LGBTQ+ Rainbow Art to Nazi Symbolism

January 31, 2022
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Principal, Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School Dr. Bipul Singh and 5 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sarah Kersting

On January 21 a young student’s artwork, depicting a rainbow flag and text that reads “Gay is OK” was removed from display and compared to the Nazi flag, the students, families, educators and Athens LGBTQIA community and it’s allies are still searching for answers. 

The incident occurred at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School (OAES), part of the Clarke County School District (CCSD), in Athens, Georgia. Dr. Bipul Singh, principal at Oglethorpe Avenue, and Sandra Scott, assistant principal, allegedly requested the student remove the art. It is believed the decision for removal was a directive from a Clarke County School District employee that Dr. Singh consulted with.

In conversation with the student's teacher, Scott likened the display of the rainbow flag to the Nazi flag. When the teacher involved escalated this concern to Singh, he defended Scott’s statement. According to complaints filed by many outraged Oglethorpe Avenue parents and educators in December 2021, this incident is only the latest report of discrimination by the administrators at the Athens elementary school who say countless HR complaints against OAES administrators have gone without response or resolution.

Because the CCSD board and leadership have failed to to take any action or issue any apologies, our community is now pleading for your support to ask the Board, Superintendent and Administrative team of Clarke County School District to take immediate action and remove Dr. Bipul Singh and Sandra Scott from their positions (among other demands that can be found here).

Every educator, parent and student has a right to a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment. The statements and actions from Singh, Scott and others display a blatant disregard for equality and an appalling lack of humanity that makes them unfit to hold their positions of leadership and influence over any child or educator. 

Our HR complaints, emails, requests and written letters have fallen on deaf ears from administrators who refuse to care. Please help us show the people in power in our community that they cannot get away with this kind of discrimination ever again.

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Signatures: 3,570Next Goal: 5,000
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Decision Makers

  • Dr. Bipul SinghPrincipal, Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School
  • Sandra ScottAssistant Principal, Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School
  • Dr. Xernona ThomasSuperintendent, Clarke County School District
  • Brannon GaskinsChief Academic Officer & Interim Superintendent, Clarke County School District
  • Selena BlankenshipChief of Human Resources, Clarke County School District