Economic Justice for CCSD Staff with a $15/hr Minimum Wage

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An Open Letter to CCSD Leaders in Support of a Living Wage for all CCSD Employees  

To Clarke County School District Board Members and Superintendent:
Superintendent Demond Means
School Board Members: Greg Davis (dist. 1), Frances Berry (dist. 2), Linda Davis (dist. 3), Kara Dyckman (dist. 5), Charles Worthy (dist. 6), LaKeisha Gantt (dist. 7), John Knox (dist. 8), Tawana Mattox (dist. 9)

Thanks to all of you for the work you do to improve Clarke County Schools for everyone. 

We, the signers of this letter, are CCSD parents and tax-paying ACC residents advocating for a minimum wage of $15/hr for all CCSD employees.
Currently we have full-time paraprofessionals making less than $16,000 a year. This means that some of our hard-working teachers (parapros) are making about $8.50/hr; after taxes and money for benefits are taken out, they are taking home less than $6.00 per hour! It is shameful and unacceptable that CCSD employees are taking home poverty-level wages.
The lowest full-time salary at CCSD (for the school year) should be no less than $22,000/yr. Sadly, we have many staff members making less than $18,000/yr, and that includes most parapros.

In order to retain quality staff and have the proper support for classrooms and teachers, CCSD needs to pay their staff a decent salary. 
CCSD is also contributing to the problem of poverty in Clarke County by paying such paltry wages. 

Our staff are at the heart of CCSD, and when they are doing well and feel supported and appreciated, this raises the level of education for every child.  All staff, including paraprofessionals (including Pre-K parapros), kitchen workers, custodians, bus drivers, substitute teachers and after-school program aides, should earn a wage of at least $15 an hour. People working with our children and helping our schools to run smoothly deserve respect, which means a living wage, appropriate training, and a supportive work environment. 

Again, thank you for your service to our public schools and for all you do to make CCSD a place where everyone - all children and ALL staff members - are respected and supported in their work, and able to achieve success.  
CCSD Parents & ACC Citizens,