Listen to us WildWorks

Listen to us WildWorks

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Clark Stacey and

Why this petition matters

Started by Ezra Starling

The goal of this petition is to voice our many concerns to WildWorks. Not only have they been incredibly shady and untruthful with their playerbase, they've done countless things that many have taken offense to.

A few of these things are...

-Supporting the use of blockchains/crypto currency in their newest games. The energy ussed for blockchains and crypto currency are harmful to the environment.

-Not addressing the issue of predators and child groomers in their games

-Large amounts of cultural appropriation, to the point many of those who's cultures are affected find offensive. (We want to be represented, just the right way and more respectfully)

-It also seems that despite saying they're not targeting their new blockchain based game Cinder to players, they've used, from what it seems, all of's concepts and assets. They were dishonest in their word about developing further. We signed up to beta test, not Cinder.

Despite all of the complaints, nothing has been done, or if anything was done, the responses were just sugar coated.

We want WildWorks to hear us out try and fix what was done wrong.

283 have signed. Let’s get to 500!