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Clark County School District-Legacy High School: Let students with a Certificate of Attendance participate in their graduation ceremony.

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There is a "new" and unfair rule at Legacy HS (North Las Vegas, NV) that doesn't allow students who have met their graduation requirements such as: the required credits in the appropriate classes, good attendance (not more than 10 unexcused absences per class) and good discipline, to participate in their one and only high school graduation ceremony. Why you may ask? Because of not having a passing score in one or more of the four state mandated tests. These tests are requiring students to know information that they have NOT been taught in their classes, due to a new “common core standards”. For years student who have worked hard and met nearly all the high school graduation requirements have been able to participate in the graduation ceremony at their school and receive their certificate of attendance. Now students with certificates of attendance aren’t being allowed to walk at Legacy HS. The administration at each comprehensive high school can now decide if they will allow their students with a certificate of attendance to walk the ceremony or not. Yet the school down the street is allowing their students to walk at graduation. A supposed “rule” such as this should not be left in the hands of one person at each school, if it is going to be enforced it should be a district-wide policy. 

Furthermore they did not inform parents and students of this "optional" rule change until the second semester via a letter sent home saying not only is your student not graduating due to not passing one or more of the proficiency tests, but they won't be allowed to walk either.

If the students at one school can have their high school graduation memory taken away by an unfair test than students at all the CCSD high schools should follow the same rule. If it isn’t a district-wide policy and rule than it shouldn’t be enforced at all. 

Look at the quote below and see that it’s not just this one story it’s many across the valley. CCSD isn’t educating students to pass these tests. They have a flawed system that isn’t teaching material covered in the state tests, yet penalizing students for not passing. 

"The passing rate for sophomores taking the state's math proficiency exam hit an all-time low this year. Two-thirds of them failed the exam. The combination of a new curriculum and rising standards might have contributed to the low passage rates, but teachers and students had a year to adapt to the new material." -KNPR 88.9 Nevada Public Radio, May 1, 2013.


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