Stop sending students to the Mirage dolphin habitat.

It has come to our attention that many schools in the Clark County School District use the MGM Mirage Secret Garden as an educational fieldtrip to learn about dolphins. The ten Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that are living within the Mojave desert are out of their environment. The desert is no place to host tropical aquatic animals.

The harsh Mojave sun is causing great stress to these dolphins, evident by the "spotting" shown in at least 3 dolphins. This is a disease that is brought on by low salinity levels, heat, and stress. The ocean has a level of 35 parts-per-thousand (ppt). The Mirage water has to fall within 16-36ppt. That is a BIG range, and it is no wonder these dolphins are showing skin lesions. While it is not deadly to the dolphin, it causes their immune system to be compromised, leaving them susceptible to other illness. 

Our understanding of these animals and their needs have evolved faster than the laws set in place to protect them. The public is changing their opinion rapidly on keeping sentient beings like cetaceans in captivity for entertainment values. 

The Mirage is not educating our children to be empathetic and compassionate towards our friends of the sea when they are unable to care for these animals correctly. 


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