Protect Her!! NO Plea Deal For Hartley Anderson's Murder

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On November 2, 2018 in Vancouver,WA this beautiful baby girl at just 5 years old Hartley Jean-Ophelia Anderson, was brutally murdered by the Mother's boyfriend Ryan Burge.  Her future was stolen and this vivacious and loving little girl's potential for the world is forever lost.  

The prosecuting attorney for Clark County, Vancouver, WA and her Mother are instead of him going for life in prison are going to only offer him 25 years in a plea deal. This is not justice in any way, shape or form for my Daughter. She deserves the help of everyone we can reach to make sure this deal does not happen.

I am trying every outlet to get the support for Hartley and make sure this plea deal does not happen. You maye google her story and read more detail about the initial case. 


Thank You In Advance For Your Support