Remove "In God We Trust" From Clark County Council Room

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Although it is legal for the Clark County Board of Councilors to display our current national motto "In God We Trust" (IGWT), we petition the board to remove the motto or replace the motto with our country's original motto, "E Pluribus Unum" for the following reasons:

1. IGWT is divisive, driving an unnecessary wedge between residents of the county. Many county residents do not identify with any religion and do not believe in any supernatural being.  IGWT proclaims we all trust something that does not exist.  For many residents, this is a lie that we are reminded of every time we see that motto.

2. Our founders specifically avoided invoking any deity for any national document and our motto for a good reason.  Religion divides.  The intent of our founders was to create a unified nation, hence the adopted motto, "E Pluribus Unum", or "from many, one".

3. The reason to adopt IGWT as our nation's motto was politically motivated to appease religious opportunists to distinguish our nation from the "godless Communists".  That's a silly and paranoid reason to adopt the motto.

4. The reason to continue displaying this divisive motto is based on "tradition".  This appeal to tradition is a logical fallacy and does not justify the board to continue to do the wrong thing.  Our country's history is full of "traditions" that were proven to be wrong.  Slave ownership was a "tradition". Segregation was a "tradition". Refusing women the right to vote was a "tradition".  Ultimately, we understood that these "traditions" were divisive, wrong, and needed to change.

We appeal to the board's sense of fairness and reason, and in the spirit of unity for the county, remove this motto from the county council chambers that is offensive for some, and unnecessarily divisive for many.

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