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Change the Millipede's name to Kilopod

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Millipedes are a species of Diplopoda, known for having between 20 and 200 pairs of legs.  The name "Millipede" derives from the Latin term "mīlle" meaning thousandth and "ped" meaning foot.  This name implies that the Millipede has 1/1000 feet.  This is an immediate cause of confusion for anyone familiar with systems of measurement or roots as everything else with the prefix "mīlle" is a thousandth of some sort of base measurement.  To advance the taxonomic community and prevent further confusion I am petitioning for the name of the Millipede to be changed to Kilopod (derived from the Greek word "Kilo" meaning "thousand" and “Pod” meaning feet) to prevent confusion.  As in this age of misinformation, things such as these cannot be tolerated further.

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