Save Our Clarington Animal Services & Shelter

Save Our Clarington Animal Services & Shelter

February 5, 2020
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Clarington Council
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Started by Heather Thomas

Clarington Animal Services (CAS) is at risk of being outsourced by Clarington Municipal Council.

This is a vital service to our tax payers and to the animals of Clarington.

CAS has been ready and willing to take on all needy animals that come through their doors. Found animals are reunited where possible or adopted out when necessary. When animals are unadoptable due to behavioural or health issues then appropriate rescues are sought out for transfers. Adoption centers have been set up so that cats and rabbits can find their forever homes faster. These are just a few examples of the great things that happen at CAS every day.

Clarington Animal Services staff have significant relationships, resource arrangements and “tribal knowledge” that would be lost under any outsourcing arrangements.

Having watched outsourcing, mergers and other restructuring at other animals services - we do not believe that any cost savings will be significant or sustainable. Further, we have watched those cities that have gone down that road end up with significantly reduced services and a loss of control over the treatment of animals.

We will not stand by and allow CAS to be closed in a short-sighted and ill-conceived attempt to save money.

Clarington Animal Services belongs to the people of Clarington. We cannot lose this very important Municipal service that is funded by tax payers.

We respectfully request that Clarington Council discontinue any studies into closing the Animal Shelter in Clarington, outsourcing Clarington Animal Services or implementing other service reductions with respect to Animal Services in Clarington.


This petition made change with 2,193 supporters!

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