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Stop the proposed changes to Brooms Head Caravan Park

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I would like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Frank Barton and I am a 5th generation visitor to Brooms Head. When my Great Grand Parents first stated coming to Brooms Head their house was located where the caretaker’s house is currently located. They got to Brooms Head via horse and carriage from there sugar cane farm in South Arm, this trip generally took them 3 hours.

As you can appreciate Brooms head is a big part of my family’s life, from holidaying, catching up with family and friends to learning to swim and the site where my Grandmothers ashes are spread. Each year we make our trip to Brooms head to camp, relax, recharge and reflect on the memories that this amazing place has given us.

The latest plans for the Brooms Head Caravan Park I feel will completely take away from the atmosphere that has been created at the park. The plans to reduce the number of camp sites, increase the number of cabins, make each site powered, create all new roads within the park and reduce the number of permeant sites is just a plan to commercialise the Brooms Head park and bring it in line with Yamba.

Please be very clear when I say Brooms Head is not Yamba and never will be! If I or anyone else wanted to camp in a commercialised location we would either stay at Yamba or closer to home in Queensland. The mere fact that Brooms Head is the exact opposite of Yamba is the reason so many people enjoy staying there and continue to come back year after year, generation after generation. I am sure as council members and local residents you would not like to see Brooms Head go backwards in terms of tourist numbers and repeat business!

I, among many others am outraged by these plans given that we have been told regularly by the current caretakers that the council has no money to do simple things like put a shade sail over the playground or make simple upgrades to the amenitie. This begs the question as to where is the money for this upgrade coming from? Am I as a loyal and frequent visitor to Brooms Head going to be made pay for this upgrade through increased site fees?

As it stands simple upgrades to the amenities to clean them up, a shade sail over the playground and new managers for the park is all that is required to make this perfect place even more perfect!

I urge you to please consider my words and take on board feedback from the community when making a decision regarding Brooms Head.

Leave Brooms Head alone!

 More about the proposed changes can be found here

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