Zero tolerance for vigilante "Rambos" in Clallam County

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Residents of Clallam County want to support our law enforcement community, and our elected officials.  We need to be confident in our 1st Amendment right to safely assemble and to demonstrate our advocacy without fear for our lives.  However, two shocking and related incidents on June 3 have shaken this community to the core.

The first incident was the alarming and intimidating appearance of armed vigilantes at the peaceful rally for Black Lives Matter in Sequim.  Heightened tensions meant even the sound of a car backfiring could have triggered a deadly reaction by one of the vigilantes.

The second incident occurred when a family from Spokane arrived in Forks to camp. The family was followed, harassed, and trapped by locals, some of whom were armed.  The harassers felled trees on the forest road to block their path, before the terrorized family was finally allowed to leave.

We firmly believe Second Amendment rights cannot justify any self-appointed group of armed individuals undertaking what they deem to be “law enforcement” without legal authority.  In both these incidents, and across the nation, malicious rumors and false information are being intentionally spread by right-wing factions to foment fear and the threat of violence.  We absolutely refuse to let these factions feel empowered here in Clallam County.  Unless there are serious consequences for both incidents, the perpetrators will feel emboldened to repeat these vigilante gun displays that threaten the safety and security of innocent people, and therefore their right to peacefully demonstrate.

Therefore we demand that:

- Both incidents be thoroughly investigated, and the individuals responsible be brought to justice.

- Openly displaying firearms at rallies, vigils, or public gatherings, is outlawed.

- Our county commissioners and the city councils of Sequim, Port Angeles, and Forks outlaw "vigilantism" and authorize law enforcement to confiscate the firearms of violators.

- Our elected officials publicly denounce all forms of intimidation to any group that is peacefully assembling.