I am a Military Sexual Trauma Victim, Please help me receive a Medical Board over a Chapter in the U.S. Army

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My name is Vanessa Grimes; I am a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army.  I have served for 6 ½ years and have done one tour in Iraq (December 2009-December 2010).  I am a single mother to an 8 year old daughter whose father was murdered July 30, 2006.  It has haunted us ever since.   She has had to undergo therapy and even to know Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is not related to the death, it is something that I will need covered in medical coverage from the Military.

 In July of 2012 I did a report against my 1SG for Sexual Harassment and it was substantiated.  It was covered up and he got away with it at first.  But, I never gave up the fight because he had hurt another Soldier.  I finally found a Lieutenant Colonel and a Command Sergeant Major of my Brigade I was assaulted in to help me (I was moved after the incident).  They finally put him under the radar to be QMP'd from the Army.  I do not know the status of it, but I hope it is effective. Since the incident I have had many mental health issues arise such as- anxiety disorder, episodic mood disorder, insomnia (primary and secondary), PTSD (supposed to be in my records but they are being an issue with this diagnosis), and have had seizures.  Because of the insomnia I was in a very bad car accident that almost cost me my life that in January of 2013.  The sexual harassment was very detrimental to me due to the fact I was raped in 2003 that I have never let go.  I have just had horrible and traumatic events hit me in my life several times.



In March of 2013 I went out to a club and was pushed from behind off a 4 foot podium by the same girls who attempted to start an altercation with me in the bathroom (I walked away from it).  Unfortunately being pushed from behind I reacted in seconds turning around and pulling the female down and it was by her feet (due to the height of the podium).  I snapped out of what had happened and told the bar manager of the incident.  The police were called and as it turned out the woman hit her mouth and was injured.  I was then put under arrest and placed in jail because of the injury to her jaw.  Because I felt I was responsible for her medical bills (that I pay monthly) I took an attempt assault charge that I will have to carry until an expungement can be done in 2016.  I was under study by a Forensic Psychologist (specializing in PTSD) and a Sociologist about the behavior that had occurred that night.  It was found that because of the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) incident along with a few other traumatic events that is why I had reacted in such a way.  However, the Army is not caring and Chaptering me.  I have tried everything to save my career because I am a single mother.  Now I would like to get out due to the treatment I have received since the Sharp incident and March incident.  I have several credible individuals that have and want to speak on my behalf to let anyone know that violent behavior is not me at all.  I have over 30 Character letters individuals (Soldiers and Civilians alike) that want to fight for me to stay in or receive a Mental Health Medical Board.  I had a Medical Board attempting to be starting because of all of the issues after the Sharp incident but all the Army wants to focus on is that my reaction caused someone that antagonized me just to be the ones to dance on the podium,  an unfortunate injure.  I am very remorseful for this incident and it's something I cannot take back.  I just really need your help please so I can get Mrs. Murray’s attention or any Senator familiar with SHARP and Military workings.  As a combat veteran I would like to be able to keep my benefits for my daughter who has ADHD and issues with dealing with her father's death, and myself dealing with all that I am. Thank you so much for listening to me and I hope I can get some help from someone caring soon. 


Very Respectfully,

SSG Vanessa L. Grimes

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