Recycle your e-Waste to protect our environment

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E-Waste or Electronic Waste is on the edge of becoming the next threat to our world. E-Waste is nothing but Electronic items that are broken or damaged and cannot be repaired. Along with harming our environment with it's radiations it also effects our health by giving us diseases such as Asthma, Cancer, Lung Problems, etc.

Children are more vulnerable to health risks that result from e-Waste's radiation exposure. Since most of the e-Waste are either not recycled properly or are dumped in landfills, children are exposed to e-Waste derived toxic chemical in the daily life.

To solve this problem we all should dispose our e-Waste at the government authorized recycling centers. They will recycle the e-Waste in a proper manner without affecting the environment, human and animal life.  

I request you to sign this petition and help me to spread awareness about e-Waste management.


Medhansh S Kumar

Pathways School, Noida