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Design streets to support walking instead of cars.

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By signing this petition you are telling city planners that they need to stop designing streets for cars and not people. We need to change from a car-centric culture to a walk-centric culture in order to become a healthier society and reduce carbon emissions. Walking needs to be a natural activity and part of our daily life.

The environment is often neglected as a cause of human behavior. We continue to drive even short distances because the built environment doesn't support walking. Often times pedestrians find themselves without sidewalks or on narrow sidewalks leaving them feeling vulnerable. Other times there isn't sufficient coverage from the natural elements or insufficient lighting. Safety and the well-being of pedestrians is too frequently over-looked resulting in environments that make pedestrians feel like second-class citizens. 

The car is the greatest consumer of public and personal space. Residential streets need to be designed for people first and cars second if our cities and towns are to become more sustainable. We need to create a legacy for future generations to enjoy a healthier lives.

Walking is what our bodies are designed to do. As humans, a few of our most critical needs include social interaction and involvement in our local community. Quite simply, lack of walking is making us fat and isolated.

Walking is the simplest positive change you can make to effectively improve your overall health and wellbeing. It slows us down and forces us to take in our surroundings while reconnecting us to our humanity.

Sign this petition to tell city planners that you want your community to be designed for people first and cars second.

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