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City Officials of Saginaw, MI: Allow Mr. Edmondson to keep his condos on his property.

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Mr. Edmondson has been caring for a colony of feral cats for 8 years. He bought a property not to build a home on, but to place very nice cat condos and feeding stations that he spent roughly $14,000 purchasing. He loves these cats and takes very good care of them. He keeps the property very well maintained. There is no debris or trash littering the property. Unfortunately, a neighbor who vehemently admits that she does not like cats has complained even though the cats have already been there for 8 years. The city says it has an ordinance that prevents any buildings being on property that does not have a home on it. The city says that Mr. Edmondson must remove the cat condos by the end of the month.

I am a veterinarian in Georgia, and I am trying to help Mr. Edmondson from afar because I believe he is a good man doing a good thing. He gives these cats shelter; they depend on him now. If he has to remove the cat condos, these cats will be left with no real shelter, and winter is here. They will seek shelter else where and may not be able to find it or will look for it in a place that is not safe. Is it not best to leave their condos where they are in order to try and keep them confined to one area? I think this would be the best option for the entire community. I believe the taking away of these cats' homes would be an act of cruelty. They have learned that these condos are where they live. Removing their homes is no better than dumping them on the side of the road. They already have no true home. It is necessary to rob them of what little they do have. Mr. Edmondson has and will be the only one to provide them the best life they could have considering they must live outdoors where they have to fend for themselves against abusive people, getting hit by cars, and killed by other animals.

Many people have already heard of Mr. Edmondson's story, and many people are animal lovers are upset. Those of us who love animals and understand the dynamics of taking care of feral cats, feel that removing the condos simply does not benefit anyone; not the city, not the cats. We sincerely ask that the City Officials of Saginaw reconsider their decision and allow Mr. Edmondson to leave his condos on his property.

Please sign the petition and help Mr. Edmondson and his cats, or email the City Officials directly. Please be sure to tell them why you wish for them to allow Mr. Edmondson to keep his cat condos on his property.

Thank you so much for your time.

Devin L. Hardin, DVM

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