Families barred from funerals

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York Council have today made the decision to ban families from attending funerals, even when deaths are unrelated to coronavirus - a decision of which directly impacts my Auntie, along with many others grieving for their loved ones. Even immediate family are currently being told that they are barred from attending the crematorium on the day of their loved one's funeral. This is completely unacceptable. Whilst we all need to stay at home wherever possible to save lives and protect the NHS, government guidelines state that immediate family can still attend funerals. Supermarkets are still allowing 50 people in at a time, building sites remain open and public transport still running, therefore to stop immediate family from attending their loved ones' funeral is completely outrageous. 

York Council need to revert the decision made to ban immediate family from attending the funeral of loved ones. Whilst it is understandable to not allow large groups of people to attend funerals, spouses, parents and children of the deceased should never be refused the chance to say goodbye to their loved one, and should therefore be allowed to attend the funeral at York Crematorium.

As such, immediate family (spouses, parents and children of the deceased) must be allowed to attend their loved ones' funeral. We respect the importance of social distancing measures and therefore ask for a maximum of 5 immediate family members be allowed to attend the funeral, making the 2m distance rule completely attainable. This approach adheres to government guidelines and is the approach adopted by Harrogate, Scarborough, Hull and Middlesbrough. 

Please support me in making this right for the families who are grieving.

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