Hold a public inquiry into York's failing transport system #BUStice

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Public transport in York is failing us!

Following discussions with providers of York's public transport , we have seen some incremental changes to their services, but the simple reality remains that prices are increasing, punctuality and frequency are dropping, and the routes are shifting. This is an issue impacting everyone; residents both young and old, employers, medical services, students and numerous other groups across York. If this situation continues, bus usage will fall and the city and ALL of its residents will lose out. And sadly, we know that poor public transport affects the most vulnerable first. 

What is abundantly clear is that York needs a much better public transport system - and if we can create change, then all of York will benefit.

A vicious cycle is occurring in the city. Bus prices increase, which leads to more people driving, which leads to increased congestion and pollution, which makes cycling more dangerous and leads to delays on buses, which leads to fewer people using public transport. The cycle will keep continuing and our city will continue to become more polluted, congested, and with an increasingly unreliable public transport system unless we do something to stop this, Now!

In my role as Community and Wellbeing Officer at the University of York Students' Union, I have written an open letter to the Executive Member for Transport and Planning at the City of York Council, currently Councillor Dew, detailing the many concerns we have around public transport across the City of York and how it is heavily impacting upon both all residents across the city. We are requesting a public inquiry into the state of public transport in the city, in the hope we can develop some long term and sustainable solutions for ALL those who call York home.

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