Trick or Treating on one set day!

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We here in the city of Wooster need the city to choose one set date and time for trick or treating! Currently “neighborhoods” decide and it’s mass chaos! No one ever knows what street is having trick or treating on what day or what time. It makes it so much more difficult for parents and so much more dangerous for kids! If the city chose one specific date for trick or treating (such as the Friday or Saturday before Halloween) it would make it so much easier for police to regulate and for all of the citizens. Everyone would know on this specific day during a few set hours kids will be out and about trick or treating and crossing streets. Almost all other cities in Ohio do this! It’s easier to regulate, it’s easier for parents, and it’s safer for all our kids. We the citizens of Wooster hope you will hear us out and make this a yearly decision for city council to choose a trick or treat day! Getting kids all dressed up and passing out candy is crazy enough, don’t add to the confusion. We want one day for trick or treat city wide so everyone can have fun and be safe!!