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City of Winnipeg: Lift The Ban On Owning A Pit Bull, American Pit Bull, Staffordshire, and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and/or Bully Deemed Cross Breeds Within the City of Winnipeg

As a responsible pet owner, I register & license my dogs yearly. We know that banning these breeds has not stopped breeders from breeding them, nor has it stopped the number of dog bites in the city. As we know any breed of dog can bite, so can cats & we don't put a ban on them.

I think that the people who put the ban in place, should better educate themselves on the different breeds of dogs before they dictate a breed specific legislation. As they are crucifying the Pit Bulls, Staffordshires & Bully cross breeds, there are many other purebred dogs that are bred for fighting!! WHO & HOW do they justify their decision & WHY did they ban that specific breed?! The only reason the ban is on these dogs, is there are more articles in the news, you never hear them talking about Labs, Poodles, Dobermans, or any other breed like they persecute the Pit Bulls/ Staffordshires! How many times have you seen good things mentioned in the media about the breed, they don't, instead they show us pics like of Michael Vicks, dog fighting farm ( Bad Newz Kennels )!!! It's people like him ( Michael Vick, the owner ) that gives the breed ( Pit Bulls/ Staffordshires ) a bad name!! It's time to take a step forward & lift the ban on these animals & start punishing the deed, not the breed! Thank you & PLEASE consider or hold a hearing to reinstate the Pit Bull, Staffordshires, & cross breeds! They are animals, not monsters!!!!

Refer to Article by Author Jim Gorant 

It’s ineffective, inexact and overly punitive. If you got rid of every dog that had any pit bull blood in it tomorrow, you would not eliminate problem dogs. There are still a lot of other large strong breeds out there and the type of dog owner that’s going to cause problems will simply switch to one of those other breeds. I believe, like a lot of others, that a simple “bad dog” law is better. It allows residents to take action against a problem dog, regardless of breed. As the saying goes, Punish the deed, not the breed.

I’d ask to see the evidence of how BSL helps, because there have been studies that show the places that have these laws are no safer. And the enforcement costs money.

There was a story earlier this year in Belfast, Northern Ireland about a family pet named Lennox who had never bitten anyone or shown any aggressive tendencies and yet he was euthanized because of a BSL. This despite a huge outcry including TV personality Victoria Stillwell offering to find Lennox a home in the U.S. at her own expense. What can we learn from stories like the one about Lennox? 

Hopefully, we can see how sad and wrongheaded these breed bans are. Here was a dog that was not a pit bull (a bull dog/Lab mix) that had never caused a problem, yet he was seized, arbitrarily deemed to be a pit bull, and put down. None of it was necessary. It caused the family who lost its dog a great deal of pain and did nothing to make the community safer.

Thank you for your consideration.

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