Support the rezoning of Vimy Arena Site for use by The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre

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With addiction in Manitoba sitting higher than that of the National average of 11% at 14% chances are very likely that either you or someone you know has been affected by addiction. 

Drug use affects people of all ages and economic circumstances.  It does not discriminate. A report by CBC news in September 2017 said that the President of the United Fire Fighters union claimed that "almost daily they need to use naloxone to avoid respiratory arrest and such from overdoses".

In Manitoba there are currently no long term programs for men such as the one that will be housed at The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre.

There are many inaccuracies that exist in the debate over the use of the Vimy Arena site for the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre.  Some of the main ones are:

1.) The Vimy arena may be re purposed as a different type of recreational centre. 

The City of Winnipeg has already stated that the facility needs millions of dollars worth of repairs and upgrades to be used as any type of facility.  This is a cost that the city will not pay to bring the building to a point where they could lease the building, nor for it to be operated by the city for any kind of recreational facility.  This is why the building has no value to the city.  If you subtract the cost of repairs and upgrades required to be able to lease it, from the actual value of the building, the building will have a negative value.  This is why the city stated that the only value was in the land.  If the property is not rezoned the building will sit empty and deteriorating and will continue to be used for drug sales and usage.

2.) The Community will be losing green space by transferring the property to the Bruce Oake recovery Centre. 

This is also not accurate.  The same amount of space will be used as is used now with the arena.  No loss of green space at all, and the plans for the centre suggest that they could move the facility further south which would allow for MORE GREEN SPACE, not less.

3.) We will have drug addicts stealing and looting our properties and crime will rise.

The people coming to the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre are not using.  They have been through the detox program and have made the choice on their own to change their lives.  They are learning how to live without drugs in their lives.  They will be functional and supportive members of the community.

4.) We will have drug dealers all over the place trying to sell the occupants drugs.

False!  Drug dealers do not hang out around drug rehabs because the people in them are NOT looking for drugs.  Drug dealers DO NOT waste their time trying to convince people to use drugs, and they stay in the areas that people are actively looking for drugs.  We have more drug dealers using that parking lot and surrounding area now to sell and use drugs.

Our city is in desperate need of long term facilities like the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre and it will have a very minimal impact of the neighborhood. Please sign the petition in FAVOR of the rezoning.  Please help us help them.


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