Change BY-LAW 1675-07 to allow 2-6 Hens as urban chickens within city limits

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There are many reason's why urban residents want to own pet chickens, it's not just for the fresh eggs. Hens do not require a Rooster to lay eggs, and Hens are quiet and gentle making them excellent pets. Hens can fly but only a couple of feet high, this means a 4-6 foot fence would keep them contained to a yard and protect them from neighborhood dogs. Hens do require a coop to lay eggs in and keep them safe at night, there is no odor with a small number of chickens. Chickens do best in small groups of 2-6, 2-6 is a great number for most families to keep as pets. Most breeds you can expect 5-6 eggs a week per bird. Another bonus is chickens eat weeds and bugs, including pesky mosquitoes, and chicken poop makes a great natural lawn fertilizer. As a resident of Wetaskiwin, Alberta I would like this bylaw to be changed to allow myself, and other residents of this town, the opportunity to own our own chickens.