The City of West Hollywood has approved the over $41.3million Plummer Park Master Plan Phase I Project which currently includes:


• The construction of an underground parking structure (which will only net an additional 69 spaces) will necessitate demolishing historic WPA buildings, Great Hall/Long Hall as well as the destruction of 54 heritage trees, some of which are over 100 years old.
• The planned ultra-modern façade of Fiesta Hall is out-of-line with the charm and architecture of a block that includes seven landmarked buildings. Given the character of the street a modern design is inappropriate.
• This project will require the complete closure of a majority of the park for almost two years with heavy construction, noise, pollution and increased traffic in an already congested area.

Tell the City Council to STOP the project and to develop an alternative plan that we can all support.



Letter to
Mayor, West Hollywood Lindsey Horvath
City Manager, West Hollywood Paul Arevalo
Assistant City Manager, West Hollywood Sam Baxter
and 4 others
Council Member John Duran
Mayor Pro Tempore, West Hollywood, CA Lauren Meister
CA State Assemblymember Richard Bloom
Councilmember, West Hollywood, CA John D'Amico
As a West Hollywood constituent and/or a Plummer Park user, I ask that you direct City Staff to immediately halt progress on the Plummer Park Master Plan. The design, especially for the exterior of Fiesta Hall, is out-of-line with the historic nature of the neighborhood. Given the character of the street (there are seven landmarked buildings) a modern design is inappropriate. The underground parking structure, netting only 69 extra spaces, does not justify the destruction of the 54 old growth and heritage trees and demolition of the historic WPA structures, Great Hall/Long Hall. The exhaust vent for the parking is located adjacent to the pre-school and the basketball court. The "larger" pre-school, which will accomodate only 6 additional students, is inappropriate cold, modern architecture and will require the children to play on the roof of the building instead of in the park.

The proposal as it stands is not compatible with the stated goals of Plummer Park Master Plan Phase I, To Honor Plummer Park’s History....

With my signature, I ask that you work with our neighborhood leaders on a Plummer Park redesign that we can ALL support.

Thank you